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Hang on to that DVD player. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Ripping DVD shows preview but won't rip. The other two look fine, they show the preview but then when I start nothing happens and I get the error error: dvdnav: Read Error, Error reading NAV packet. What are your thoughts? Log in or Sign up log in sign up.

Disk may be scratched or damaged. Such procedures currently occupy something of a legal gray area. You probably won't face any legal consequences if you simply rip your legally purchased movie collection for your own use, but we're just going to present the instructions and let you decide for yourself whether to follow the steps.

PCWorld is not responsible for any damages that result from this how-to. Download and install HandBrake. This open-source video transcoder is free, and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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HandBrake will then scan the disc for titles to copy. This step can take some time, depending on how much data is on your disc. The Source selection menu.

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When HandBrake has finished its scan, click the Title drop-down menu to choose the section to copy. This step can involve a bit of trial and error; generally speaking, though, if you want to rip the main movie, select the title with the longest run time.

Otherwise, you might end up with a rip of the previews or the menu screen, but not the actual movie. When in doubt, rip the longest title--that's most likely the actual movie, not the trailers or special features. Windows Entertainment. What can you do if you want to watch something a little less conventional?

Choosing Your Software

You're better off checking out these alternative streaming services packed full of niche content. Read More , DVD sales are slipping. Before we reach that point, it would be prudent to rip all your DVDs onto your hard drive. These films, all available to watch on Netflix right now, were made to enjoy on summer vacation. Read More. Read More , but I prefer Handbrake. Read More and codecs. As you will probably be aware, almost all store-bought DVDs have some form of copy protection. There are games twenty years old that try to throw off hackers, pirates and thieves through various means, some of which are devious or downright evil.

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Pirating a game is Here's the hardware and VHS to digital conversion software you'll need. Read More too. Just grab a copy of libdvdcss.

Handbrake libdvdcss

Download: libdvdcss bit Download: libdvdcss bit. Close the tray and open Handbrake. You can ignore Folder and File. Instead, head straight to the DVD icon and double click on it.

Best DVD Ripper for Every Mac User – MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition

Handbrake will take a few moments to scan the content. If you failed to install libdvdcss.

Handbrake lets you choose exactly what content you want to rip off the DVD. You can make all these adjustments in the Source settings. You can make your selection in Title. The longest video is typically the movie.

Step Zero: Install Handbrake and libdvdcss So You Can Decrypt DVDs

Adjust the Chapters and Angles you want to retain in the associated drop-down boxes. Now you need to decide where you want Handbrake to save your file. You can also save to external sources, meaning you can add the video to an external hard drive or even a blank DVD. Click Browse to choose your destination. Make sure you give the rip an appropriate name.