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How to Create a Basic Contact Group in Mac OS X Lion

You can view the contact names in the header of a message or meeting request. In the To box, select the arrow next to the name of the Contact List.

On the Outlook menu, select Preferences. At the bottom of the navigation pane, click Contacts. On the Outlook menu, click Preferences. Under Personal Settings , click General. Click the member, and then click Remove. The group appears in your Outlook contacts, and you can send messages to the group exactly as you would to one person.

To delete a contact group, open the group, and then on the Group tab, click Delete.

Deleting a group does not delete contacts that you already have saved in Outlook or contacts from your organization's directory. In the To box, click the arrow next to the name of the Contact Group. You can import and export contacts from other applications such as Outlook for Windows, Apple Mail, and Entourage.

Remove contacts from a group

Add a directory service LDAP account. About On My Computer folders. Contacts and tasks. Your new group will then appear in your list of groups on the left side of the Contacts app, in a newly created subcategory called Smart Groups. However, and this is where smart grouping gets even smarter, if I add a new contact to my address book, and assuming this new contact has an iDownloadBlog email address, he will automatically be added to the Smart Group without any manual input on my end.

You can fine tune your Smart Groups by adding up to two levels of conditions. In this example, I am creating a group of people who have an email address containing idownloadblog and who live in California. You do have a couple options to remove a contact from a group, both of them will be listed in step 3. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard once. A warning message will pop up asking you if you want to delete the contact or simply remove it from the group. This will remove the contact from your group, but it will keep it in your All Contacts group.

It is fairly quick and simple to delete a group. Note that even though the group itself will be deleted, none of the contacts inside this group will be deleted. As an alternative, you can just hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

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A warning pop up will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the group. Click Delete to confirm. Again, none of your contacts from the deleted group will be deleted. Only the group label is deleted.

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I believe this covers the various ways of creating contact groups on Mac. Now instead of having to manually add the email address of all your work colleagues, you can email them all in one scoop by just typing in the name of the group. This is a definite time saver, but also a good way to keep your contacts organized.


How to Create a Basic Contact Group in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

Launch the Contacts app on your Mac. How to quickly create a group from selected contacts As an alternative to the method described above, you can quickly create a group by individually selecting several contacts at a time and add them all to a newly created group. Step 1: Click on the All Contacts group to highlight it. How to create Smart Groups of contacts macOS has this great feature that allows you to quickly create contact groups based on predefined criteria that you select.

How to use Smart Groups in the Contacts App for Mac!

You can create groups to organize your contacts, or to work more easily with a set of contacts. For example, if you regularly communicate with certain people—such as a book club or cycling team—you can create a card for each person , then include their cards in a group.

Email a group of contacts in Contacts on Mac

Open Contacts for me. In the Contacts app on your Mac, click the Add button near the bottom of the window, choose New Group, then enter a name for the group. Select All Contacts in the sidebar, then select the contacts you want to add to the group. If you use more than one account in Contacts, make sure the contacts you select are in the same account.

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