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Create your paradise in this game and let other people living in it that gets the same original feel. This builds a house game can surely remind you of the Age of Empires and other civilization games. Start with your chosen tribe in a city that is a unit. The player can start with your chosen tribe in a city that is a unit on the map.

With each new game, you get a newly generated unit to play.

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Every player gets a fixed amount of resource in the beginning increasable by discovering and hunting. You might also have to defend your area and tribe from the enemy AI tribes. Acquire new cities on your way to experiencing the adventure present in the game. The game is solely based on survival. Townsmen city builder game is set back in the medieval time, where you have to make small village into an empire that is large in every manner. The residents of the place are pretty looking and cute following their day-to-day routines. You get to play with diverse surroundings and tasks that are challenging.

Through the full tablet support, you can get an extensive view of the area. In the game, you need to counter the natural calamities like fire, drought, and famine, etc. Like other city building game, it does support Google Play game services. There are dozens of towns and buildings available for production practices.

Kingdoms and Castles Alternatives

Survival is the main thing to do in this game. This War of Mine deals with the aftermath of war-affected place where you with your group have to search for food, medicine, and shelter. You also have yourself and others from the snipers and enemies constantly searching for the people. Divided into two cycles, one being day cycle and another being night cycle, the game offers a lot of players.

Day cycle and night cycle are entirely different from each other. The dark and emotional tone of the game makes it unique and different from other city building games. Take control of the survivors and experience the rollercoaster ride. The game is somewhat similar to the SimCity game but is unique because of its pixel style graphics.

Build your city with the least complexity present in the game. The city builder can make diverse zones to offer the citizens of the city. The player can build the city with the least complexity present in the game. Make diverse zones to offer the citizens of the city the basic needs of water, education, and others. TheoTown gives you the time space where the technology was simple and less complicated like now.

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There are diverse categories present in the settings to help you in the process. Townsmen Premium offers you all the locked features unlocked in this version. Counter the danger surrounding your town to ensure its peace. Encounter the brilliance of medieval times and build your pleasurable city with the least possible resources. Create the big gardens and attractive monuments to increase the richness of your city. Showing 1 - 15 of 43 results.

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    Money back guarantee. Welcome to the world of Castles. As a lord or lady of the realm, you've built the castle of your dreams, battled bloodthirsty dragons, engaged in brutal treachery, sent troops abroad to war, and defended your land against marauding enemies. But they're still not happy. Maybe you shouldnt have poured User reviews. Product details. System requirements.


    Maybe you shouldnt have poured hot oil on their heads? It is the year If you manage the Kingdom properly and the Pope gives you the blessing, then you will become the King of France. Castles and Castles 2, bundled together are games of medieval diplomacy, treachery and power. To win you must survive. To survive you must scout the surrounding territories, defeat the local militias, subjugate the land with castles, feed and maintain the people, forge diplomatic alliances, appease the church and unite the land under your iron fist.

    There's more. Now you can watch 30 minutes of BBC documentary footage which shows you how and why castles were constructed, planned, besieged and attacked prior to the age of gunpowder. Using this knowledge, you can create your own original castle designs to play against your computer opponents. Or, you can choose from 10 historical castles for your own personal fortress.