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I would like to know how to get back the money I have with them. I have a paid phone number. Since Skype is owned by MS, you cannot get live customer service, the virtual chat is dismal, there is a loop from the support page and there are millions of blogs on community with limited filter tools. Sorting thru this is a slap in the face. You cannot go back in versions because of the need to access MS servers. Really MS, do we have to? Oh and now you have to pay extra for SMS and other stuff.

But since they have the monopoly Watch it; soon, you'll have miscellaneous fees for using it. I tried Slack and I love it. I will try Viber next to compare. Thanks for your article! Microsoft have destroyed a great app. I can't see how much a call is costing and the hole layout is shocking, I don't know who designed this but they must live in a box far far away from the real world, this is the finish I will be looking for another app. I have read many of the comments on the new Skype since Microsoft took over and I agree with them all.

Microsoft have ruined what was a great app. Skype is dead to me. Used skype happily for years, but once it was under microsoft auspices, problems about. My account got hacked. There is absolutely no way of contacting a human for trouble-shooting. And via the bot-customer service, I got into a kafka-esque circular conversation multiple times, because I was trying to retrieve the account because it had contacts and phone numbers I didn't have anywhere else, AND because I had unused credit on the account.

I was not able to reach a human to find any way to access my old account. All I could do was create a new account. I did it. Now I wanted to make a call that had charges, so wanted to pay for credit on paypal. It declined the payment multiple times even though I used paypal for multiple other things today, no problem, funds are there leaving the only option to input info for a new credit card. But Idon't trust skype at all to give it credit card information.

So I'm at a total dead end with skype. Hate it. Don't see another alternative for being able to actually call another phone number like this group conference call I wanted to be on. Other platforms are fine for calling other people you know who already are on other platforms, i. I have used Skype from the beginning, but, I can not tolerate it anymore. An almost daily update for Android, with each update becoming more confusing to operate. Clunky confusing interface. Call connection fee?????

I guess my coments are NOT politically correct in today's media world!

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Ever since MucroSucks bought out Skype, they've managed to screw-up everthing they put their hands on. I would be really interested in. I have to abandon skype because my mother's computer system is no longer supported by skype, they Microsoft abandon old people and leave them isolated and alone, not being able to speak with and see their loved ones. Skype sound quality is so bad that I cannot make a call. I've done all the suggested tricks and checks - latest versions, old versions, updating audio devices, you name it, all to no avail.

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Now angry enough to just walk away. Every alternative I've explored makes Skype seem terrible. It's like choosing to use technology. This used to be the best. It's appalling. I use long video calls with - peripheral functions - for work.

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I want to try ooVoo Why is Skype still the standard? I'm pushing my clients toward other apps because it's so frustrating to use Skype. I'm always disappointed when a client wants to keep using Skype. I was a happy Skype user from I used Skype A LOT to call regular phone numbers, which made me a paying customer and I was happy to pay for that service.

Recently the Skype quality is clearly less than the FaceTime quality. In addition, Skype has started to force me to upgrade to newer versions. With every new version I have a hard time finding my way around.

Even more, I often don't notice it if others are calling me or texting me when using Skype. So I was already getting more and more frustrated with Skype. Then Skype or Microsoft? They are now demanding!

I'm sorry Skype and Microsoft , but my date of birth is one of the security questions with my bank and with the security breaches that we see lately, security breaches that don't seem to stop, that's something you and many other companies are not going to get. To those who didn't realize this, and if you're just like me uncomfortable with that, give it a thought to change your date of birth on most websites to something close to your real date of birth but nevertheless different.

Anyway, and in short, while having been a paying customer for more than a decade, Skype is essentially pushing me out the door. I keep money Skype credit but didn't use Skype for a while.

I do that a lot--lots of use and then none for a while. Before, I could always just log in to Skype and my credit would be reactivated. There was no timeline. Last time it happened, all my credit was gone. I guess they just decided they could keep it. Just as bad is that these people don't want to provide any customer service.

You can't call or e-mail anyone. You can only go to community questions and try to find an answer. Mostly I found people as fed up as I was. Microsoft has money to fund customer service, but chooses not to do so.

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Will be getting rid of Skype. It has served us well keeping in touch with family and friends worldwide.

Yep, Microsucks ruined Skype. Tried to add credit several times using my Skype account. All rejected. Only months later did I find out about that new Skype account and that the rejected attempts were actually accepted when I wasn't looking and put into a Skype account I never knew existed. Too late to get a refund, they say, but I can gift those credits to my real Skype account.

Now I can't leave Skype because I had a couple years worth of credits. What an effing racket.


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Without any particular reason Skype stopped working. The app claimed it couldn't connect to the Internet. After reinstalling and failing to obtain customer support or any advice about what could be wrong, the only suggestion I didn't try was to unify my Microsoft account with my Skype account. So I did that, and it still didn't work.