Flashing earth icon mac startup

Hope that helps someone! When I turn on computer I get a blue screen only.

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I have tried holding D and C keys and finally something popped up asking which language. I chose english and it said preparing installation. But it is frozen now. I am at wits end. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. What can I do at startup to go back to the last working settings? I think my software is messing up.. I am getting the question mark flashing on start up. I bought a new hard drive , but I my internal cd is not working. I have a external with new software.. How do I get to the boot options to boot from my external hard drive? I try some of the shortcuts mentioned here at startup, but nothing happens as if I did not use any shortcuts.

Do you have any solution to this problem?

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Any help would be appreciated. You saved my day!! I was stuck while installing win 7 , and had to go back to OS X.

Flashing Globe on OS X

Iam using mac tiger Follow the instructions at the above URL to see if it fixes your problem. The computer just stopped working so I put the drive in and external drive case. Help me please. My PowerBook G4 is stuck with a big half eaten apple in the middle of the screen after the chime. I tried every key combos, but nothing helped. Before that the machine was working. I shut it down, and next time I turned it on, I got the apple logo after the chime, and nothing else. The background is white btw.

Thank you in advance! Missed one!

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But have your mug ready because it comes out fast. Nothing is working. What a pain in the butt! Any ideas would be appreciated if there are anymore old school Mac people out there. A lot of these problems especially the flashing? If problems persists, try zapping the pram again.

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If you succeed, you can install more memory maybe not the same as the former could have been bad, just make sure they are the same. Hi, I have just bought a new hard drive for my macbook. I do not seem to hsve install discs for os x Rather costly to replace battery times a year. Otherwise this old wind tunnel is working perfectly. My OSX shows firmware password screen which i have no idea why it started coming up but i can bypass it sometimes by holding cmd-apple-o-f keys but the keyboard doesnt work..

I tried holding down the alt option to choose a different drive to startup from but nothing happens, so I put in a Snow Leopard disk and now it starts up to a screen telling me to change the batteries in my mouse. Have any ideas? My email is namizich gmail. What is going on? I have a Macbook Pro, It has had a new hard drive now, as the old one died, I also apparently have a new motherboard because there is a generic problem with my competer models boards so this was replaced free of charge.

My problem now is that when I turn on my compter it takes ages of just freezes showing a world flashing. This is made worse If i have the internet connected. If i desonnect the internet I am able to resart my compter and it will eventually startup. I have so much work to do but I can not trust my machine. What s wrong with my computer?

A flashing question mark in a folder

That is: the march of extensions happens as normal but it can render the desktop at the next step. Norton finds the Desktop Folder is to blame: damaged resource fork, no fix offered. How can I resolve? If I start from a CD, all data is just there as normal. Hi, I have a quick question and am hoping someone might me able to help?! I have a MacBook Pro and it is locked with a password.

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Both times I turned the computer off and it flashed really bright and made a clinking noise. I turned it on later and it worked fine.

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If not, is there anyway to turn off the computer more safely? I recently tried to change the permissions on the main OS drive where you click get info and allow everyone to read and write and I applied it to all enclosed items…what happened was a series of windows saying such and such software was improperly installed please reinstall it….

Disconnect Peripherals

I had to click ok for 2 straight minutes… so I tried repairing disk permissions while it was still running…it would just kick up the same windows as mentioned above and stall the permissions task… so I tried to restart the computer…. I have not successfully got safe boot working, once it gets past the loading bar it goes to staying on the gray logo screen forever….

Is my only hope reinstalling the OS and losing all my data?

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