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Viewed 15 times. I'm tearing apart my MacPro Early , cleaning it, and putting it back together.

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Most of it seems to be going back together fine but one part confuses me and that's the two bundles of yellow wires that connect from the motherboard to the giant red video card; The two little black plugs on the end are where the yellow cables connect: I'd like to know in which order they connect or if it even matters at all since they have the same plug adapter head on each of them. The two power cables are interchangeable. Order is unimportant.


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Mac Pro. If you're not certain which Mac Pro you have, all Mac Pro lines can be identified "closely enough" by the Model Identifier in software to determine the default video card as well as confirm compatibility with aftermarket video cards.

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The EMC number is listed on the rear of the system in small type. More details about specific identifiers are provided in EveryMac.

Will this graphics card work with an early 2008 mac pro?

Information on the default graphics cards -- as well as original options available via custom configuration -- are provided on the EveryMac. However, default Mac Pro video cards for each series, as well as the ports provided by each video card, also are provided below for your convenience:. At the time of purchase, each Mac Pro could be configured with at least one higher performance video card as an optional upgrade. Of course, it always is possible to purchase one of the higher performance video cards that was offered with a particular Mac Pro after the initial system purchase.

For the original Mac Pro models, this is your only readily available option without hacking the system by also installing a newer, officially unsupported, version of OS X. These all are intended to work with the Mac Pro either with default OS X support or with provided drivers:.

About graphics-card compatibility between Mac Pro models

The other video cards above are compatible with the "Early " and "Early " as well as the "Mid" and "Mid" Mac Pro models. The excellent BareFeats has various " shootouts " that compares several of the above video cards with one another as well as stock Mac Pro video cards that are well worth reviewing. Site sponsor Other World Computing sells a selection of Mac Pro compatible video cards including default options, video cards that originally were offered as custom configurations, and some aftermarket options listed above.

Upgraded the video card in your Mac Pro?

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