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Maik 2 Posts 1 Reply Like. Exact the same here with PS CC Photoshop stays completely unusable. I have the same issue. Running Mojave with latest version of Photoshop CC. Moving any layers is unresponsive or slow and getting crashes. Hope this can be solved soon! Seems to be anything involving interacting with a layer directly. Nothing seems to be acknowledged. Did you happen to do a terminal command to change the Mojave top menu bar?

If so that is what broke photoshop for me. Try and look at my latest comment below. What Macbook Pro is everyone using?

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Not everyone has this issue and could maybe be related to what on board graphics card we have? I found a fix! For me at least.

Photoshop CC: Crashes after updating macOS to Mojave | Photoshop Family Customer Community

Did any of you happen to do a terminal command to colour the top menu bar dark on Mojave? Well this line of code fixed everything for me when it comes to Photoshop and other programs I have had bugs with. All my programs work again! View previous…. Chris Priebe 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Worked for me too! Jiri Ostatnicky 1 Post 0 Reply Likes.


Hey guys, it works! It saved my life! Thank you, you're my life saver :'. That makes may day! Thx a lot, dan. So glad I could help. Mojave now seems like a good OS and everything is running smooth. Donal Loftus 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Defaults have not been changed. Liu Nancy 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Agnieszka Wlachos 1 Post 1 Reply Like. HI I still suffer with bad performance in Photoshop. Can you explain step by step how and where enter this command? Simple entering into terminal doesn't work. Same for me. Thanks a lot! Julie Walmsley 1 Post 3 Reply Likes.

Photoshop was crashing for me once I upgraded to Mojave So far so good! Went from crashing before I could save a single image fifteen minutes ago. James Riley 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. This is such a simple and easy solution we wonder why Apple or Adobe hasn't broadcasted it to the whole world? I guess it's true that "Customer Service" simply does not exist!! Erwan Corre 3 Posts 3 Reply Likes.

Girish Pandit 3 Posts 0 Reply Likes. For me it start crashing when I am trying to create a new action, everything else works fine but when I create a new action and have a Nik color Efex Pro 4, it crashes while saving the information. No information on why it crashes though same Nik Sharpener Pro 3 doesn't throw error and works well. I have an Adobe CS5 Suite Everything went well As soon as I click on the tool "T" Texts of the toolbar Photoshop crashes! No solution Then, finally, I found the solution by reading a very old post on DesignsPartan about Photoshop 7 trouble!

And uncheck "Font Preview Size" At first, I thought that was the culprit. So I tried the workaround of rendering my sequences, but crash problem still persisted. In addition, when I have consistent footage, let's say from a Canon 5D, and a sequence that exactly matches the source footage, the crashing has also happened then, though not so frequently. Should I transcode beforehand, and to what? In any event, thanks for the advice.

I'll keep you informed. I have since reverted to A lot of people aren't exactly sure which version they are running. Or have you always had these issues? Was everything functioning normally until you updated to the "latest version of Premiere Pro? If so, remove it.

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It can cause issues like this. You may also want to try deleting your preview files in addition to the advice that Robert gave you earlier. It could be something other than Premiere Pro as both my systems are running flawlessly. My Windows 8 system is also working without issues. One thing I certainly cannot recommend that that is updating project files from one version to the next. This can cause project corruption. Can we get more details? The Chrome Extension Pushbullet" is not installed. More recent crash incidents that might illuminate the problem: Just finished up a project: 8 crashes in two days.

Most of them happened while trying to export. Then I render the sequence before exporting don't know if that really helps, but what the heck , and it exports ok. Then I try again and crashes. Then I quit PP, restart my computer, and it exports fine the next time around. Other crash incidents involved simple things like moving a matte with my mouse a few frames to the left or right.

With this project the sequence settings were the exact same as the source footage settings.

There was some B-roll however with different specs. I would render those when I brought them into the timeline.

In addition, very few dissolves or motion graphics. So there's the export problem, plus a general crash problem apparently when I move certain items in the timeline. It's really quite infuriating and I'm not sure what to do. Should I go back to PP 6? Back to PP CC Move on to Avid? I've tried all the suggestions written up here and other places online, but they dont' really seem to help. Any way for me to provide you with crash logs? Need to solve this. Like I said, I used to have occasional crashes with PP, but now continual crashing is part of my workflow.

I would suggest that you upgrade to Yosemite. The fact that an Adobe rep would not upgrade even to Mavericks is thought-provoking to say the least.

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Once again, thanks. Hi there! Apparently Yosemite changed a bunch of permissions around and it messed with Premier.

How To Stop Premiere Pro From Crashing - Tutorial

Thanks Ismail, This was one of the first solutions I tried, and it didn't resolve the issue. Many others who have also experienced the crashing have changed these permissions as well, to no avail. Mine not only crashes but it restarts the whole computer every half an hour or so.